Miso peasy dip: two ingredients

I was wondering what I should call this blog:

  • Piso dip?
  • pea hummus?
  • peasamole?

But because its ‘easy peasy’ I went for Miso Peasy dip.  Though the way I make it, it’s more of a spread than a dip.

Since eating clean I kind of miss that crunch that you get from a biscuit. Even in the days of skinny-Emily, I would still be seen eating a ‘low-fat’ biscuit.  Yes, they tasted like cardboard. No, they are not a healthy alternative.

Now I get my crunch from raw vegetables and dips.  I love my edamamus, dried tomato hummus, and now my miso peasy dip 🙂

miso, frozen pea, crudites, cucumber

miso peasy dip

An 80g portion of peas counts towards your 5 a day.  Add in some crudites and you will be racking up those vegetables in your daily snack.

I remember a book I had as a kid called 5 Minute Bunny Tales. One of my favourite stories was ‘Caterpillar Eggs’ and it was about one of the little bunnies who didn’t like peas because they looked like caterpillar eggs 🙂  How can anyone can NOT like peas?

Sweet, beautiful green pearls!


Peas were one of the first vegetables I tried when I had a vegetable patch. I would eat them freshly picked straight out of the pods.

What else can I tell you about peas? Well, I’ve just said that this dip will count one towards your daily portions of vegetables.  Obviously it depends on the peas, but approximately in 100g contain:

  • over 5g of protein
  • 14g of carbs of which just over 5g are sugars, and 5g fibre.
  • B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, B9
  • almost half your daily recommended intake of Vitamin C
  • and many other vitamins and minerals

Not to shabby for a vegetable that often sits languishing at the back of the freezer 😦

I flavoured my peas with a little miso paste, one of my favourite flavours of the moment.  As it is fermented it is good for you and your digestion, mmm… love those probiotics!

Miso Peasy Dip

  • 80g frozen peas
  • 10g light white miso paste
  • crudites to serve

Simply blend the defrosted peas and miso paste together to create a dip.  I like mine thick for scooping, like hummus, but you could thin it down with some water if you desire.

I’ve also gone a bit further and added in some cottage cheese since I made this the first time – more low fat protein to keep you going for longer.

Do you like crunchy foods?  Do you eat ‘naughty’ crunchy foods, or have you a healthy alternative?


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