Clean eating

I saw this picture and it made me smile

clean eating, batman

I’m always getting those comments:

you’re skinny, why are you on a diet

you’ve been to the gym, you can eat that cake

you don’t eat any fat

you don’t eat sugar

you’re blog is about food with no calories

OK, yes, I don’t eat fried foods, and I am happy to turn down cakes and biscuits/cookies when they are in the office.  I try to explain that, I eat healthy, unprocessed food.  Yes, I exercise, but I also eat healthily.  I saw a good quote on the Skinny Confidential:

“You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet”
Mark Hyman

I’ve battled with my weight, at my lightest I was half the size of my heaviest.  Fat was the enemy, and diet foods were good.

But in September I came across Sarah Wilson, and I Quit SugarSarah Wilson explained that fat is not the enemy – sugar is and artificial sweeteners are no better.  Tasting the sweetness your body expects the corresponding calories so releases insulin, but doesn’t get it.

diet drink research, aspartame study, diabetes riskI tried quitting sugar, and while I agree with many of the principles, if I want to eat a banana or an apple, I can’t see that it’s going to do me any harm. And don’t get me started on coconut oil. I’m still trying to lose those pesky pounds I put on while trying that! Hey, I could be wrong, I might yet change my mind again.

That is where clean eating comes in.  I think the term ‘clean eating’ is fairly new to the UK.  It’s all about eating ‘natural’ foods, and cutting out processed foods.  I found this infographic helpful.

clean eating guidelines infographic So that’s me and where I’m at now. I do eat fats – but I get them from nuts, avocados and oily fish. I try not to eat refined sugar or ‘white carbs’ and limit my intake of natural sugars.  I try to make as much food as I can from scratch so I know what goes into it.

Have you heard of clean eating?  Do you embrace the principles of clean eating?


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