Gorgeous Gooseberry Smoothie

Firstly a shout out to those people who know me and read my blog!  Do stop and say hi!  I love to know what you think, what you want, and if you like something I might even bring you a sample!

For those who keep saying, “I should try your recipes”: YES, you should! 🙂

Here’s an easy one to get you started.  No one wants to cook in this heat, so I’ve been eating yummy smoothies for breakfast.  I don’t advocate those smoothies full of fruit, and high in sugar.  I try to keep to natural ingredients, and only one fruit per smoothie.  This one breaks the one fruit rule, but gooseberries are low in sugar, and there is only a small amount of banana for sweetness.  I might try it again without.

I’ve even provided a relatively ‘normal’ smoothie, without spinach, other vegetables, and with ingredients you can get from the supermarket rather than making an online order or a trip to the health food shop.

I had to google the benefits of gooseberries, as they aren’t widely touted.  Gooseberries have only 44 calories per 100g, and the same amount contains almost vhalf of your daily intake of vitamin c.  They also contain vitamin A and a number of b vitamins in small quantities – every little helps!

This smoothie came about because my in-laws brought me gooseberries, and my Mother in Law suggested (I think tongue in cheek) that I make a smoothie.  It was too good an opportunity to miss.
gooseberry, tofu, yogurt, probiotic,
Gorgeous Gooseberry Smoothie
Serves 1

  • 80g gooseberries
  • 40g frozen banana
  • 100ml probiotic yogurt drink or vegan alternative
  • 100g silken tofu
  • 10g vanilla protein powder
  • 2-5g fresh ginger, to taste.

Simply put all the ingredients in your blender and blitz.  I started with the liquid yogurt drink to protect the blades of my food processor, and the banana and gooseberries to get them as processed as possible.  Then I added the protein powder, tofu and ginger and gave it another good blitz.  I didn’t even notice the gooseberry seeds, but you could strain it if you have a particular problem with seeds.

gooeseberry smoothie, tofu, protein,

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