Tofu sweet potato noodle soup: vegan, gluten free

Happy Friday!

I’m not sure you really want to be eating soup in the hot weather that we are having here in the UK.  But Ben was feeling poorly so I made a soothing chicken noodle soup.  I, on the other hand, had this light and refreshing tofu sweet potato noodle soup.  It’s quick to make, so you don’t get too warm, so maybe it’s not so bad after all!

People have commented that they don’t know what they would use the spiraliser for, and can’t justify the purpose.

You’ve seen me use my spiraliser before – I love it. I use it to make courgette noodles in place of spaghetti or in a stir-fry, I used it to make my curly fries, I like to use it to get a variety of textures in a salad, you can use it to make coleslaw.  Or, here I used the thicker plate to get thicker sweet potato noodles for this recipe.

I had a packet of firm tofu which I had opened and pressed in the fridge.  I made a marinade out of 1 part tamari sauce to one part cider vinegar and sat the cubed tofu in it overnight.

tofu, peas, sweet potato noodles, miso paste

Tofu and sweet potato noodle soup ingredients

Tofu and sweet potato noodle soup
Serves 1

  • 100g marinaded tofu
  • 100g sweet potato noodle soup
  • 40g frozen peas
  • 10g miso paste

Simply throw all the ingredients into a saucepan with some water, and simmer until the peas are cooked and the noodles have softened.  This shouldn’t take anymore than 10-15 minutes from start to finish, and that’s using cold water to start!

You could jazz it up with garlic, coriander, onion – red onion would be good.

I’m sure it would be great served cold for your lunch the next day too!

tofu, sweet potato, noodle, soup, peas, miso

tofu sweet potato noodle soup

Are you getting out and enjoying the sunshine this weekend?


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One thought on “Tofu sweet potato noodle soup: vegan, gluten free

  1. theseatedcook January 7, 2014 at 7:06 pm Reply

    This looks really good and I like the simplicity of the recipe (and the inclusion of sweet potatoes). I recently posted a tofu noodle soup recipe you might like, as well as a sweet potato one with beans.

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