Whipped coconut ‘cream’, vegan

Have you come across whipped coconut ‘cream’? It’s a great alternative for anyone who is cutting out dairy, cream or vegans.

Anyone who is anyone seems to have a blog post detailing how to make it.  Well, it’s about time I jumped on the band wagon 🙂

Whipped coconut ‘cream’

Full fat coconut milk

Full fat coconut milk

All you need for this is a tin of full fat coconut milk. I can’t stress this enough – it does have to be the full fat to get the best effects.


Now for anyone panicking about using full fat coconut milk because it is ‘bad for you’, here is a quick comparison of coconut milk versus double cream using information from supermarket brands:

coconut cream nutrition, double cream nutrition, coconut milkAlthough you will be using a concentrated version, I cant’ see that it is going to be as high in fat as real cream.

You might decide that you want some more sweetness in there, maybe some vanilla or cacao powder to make a chocolate cream, but this is how you start:

1. Put your tin of coconut cream in the fridge overnight.  This will cause the cream and the water to separate, think of it like curds and whey.  The cream will rise to the top, this is the bit you want for whipping.
2. Turn the tin upside down, and open.  You will be faced with the coconut water:

whipped coconut cream

stage 1

3. Gently pour off the water into a separate container.  This is great in my sweet and sour, or in a smoothie.

coconut cream, vegan, coconut milk

stage 2

4. Scoop out the coconut cream into a large bowl

whipped coconut cream

stage 3

5. Whip your cream

whipped coconut cream

stage 4

You can add a touch of sweetener, vanilla bean paste or even cocoa/cacao powder to taste.

I melted some chocolate (one white, one milk) and stirred it in to make chocolate cream topping for my birthday muffins I took to a party.  Whoop whoop!

cococonut cream topped muffins

coconut cream topped muffins

Keep it cool, it still melts and goes all sticky!

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