A happy birthday for me

I had a lovely day yesterday and I was spoiled rotten!  So really, I just wanted to say a big “Thank you” to everyone who contributed in some way.

I don’t want to go all ‘Gwynnie at the Oscars’… but I want to remember every lovely second of my day!

Firstly, THANK YOU to all of you who read my blog.  I honestly didn’t think that anyone would care what I have to say, so to have your support is amazing.

My day started with a lovely breakfast in bed from my hubby who had pulled out all the stops to make sure that he was up before me.  Lets just say, I am sooo glad that Ben is a heavy sleeper – the amount of noise making a smoothie!

breakfast in bed birthday smoothie

Enjoying my birthday smoothie

My sister made me smile by messaging me three times before 7.15 in the morning.  Beaten only by Ben who was up all night; she text, personal messaged and posted on my Facebook wall!

I had arranged to meet my Dad for a coffee during my lunchbreak, and was surprised to see my little brother there too.  Don’t you just love birthday surprises!  I was working, but it was nice to see everyone, share some cake and have lovely birthday wishes.

I went to my indoor rowing class in the evening, only to find that my rower was decorated with balloons, by Hannah, Rozie, Jen and Janet who came in with cakes for my birthday.

birthday cakes

my birthday cakes

and a close up of that Victoria sponge:

photo cake close up

a close up

Thanks to everyone who contributed to my presents – Lovely Kath Kidston cake stand, mixing bowl and spatula, and an amazing apron made by Jen, a very talented lady.

Kath Kidston presents

from the girls at the gym

Ben joined me at rowing as a birthday treat, and I’m pleased to say he enjoyed it!  I’ve been telling him for ages that he should come with me!

Once we were home Ben cooked my dinner for me.  A nice change as I always commandeer the kitchen.  I was able to sit back and watch as he made culinary delights

birthday dinner with Kombucha

cheers with a glass of Kombucha

Finished off with some cake

eating cake

nom nom nom

Ben bought me some new earphones and a new rucksack, both of which were desperately needed, after I broke my last ones :-/

Adidas rucksack

My rucksack from Ben

Then he ran me a foot soak while I got to read through all my lovely birthday wishes on Facebook, blog, birthday cards and text messages.

soaking my feet, magnesium flakes

Soaking my feet

I feel like a very lucky girl, and I treasure every moment 🙂

Love you all!


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