Independence Day dinner

Oh, it was clichés galore last night.  We enjoyed burgers, with Coors Light while listening to Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama and a bit of Black Velvet, amongst other things.

It was American Independence Day, and Ben wanted an American themed dinner.  The weather was glorious, and perfect for a BBQ, but alas, we live in a flat without a garden, and I didn’t have any of those disposable BBQs to take somewhere.  That didn’t stop our fun though…

burger, curly fries, spicy sweetcorn, salad

Independence Day Dinner

I tried to make oven baked curly fries from scratch for Ben – a good starting point, but they tended to either burn around the edges or go soft rather than crunchy.  Gives me a good reason to tweak my method and try again!

spiralizer, spiraliser, curly fries

home made curly fries with the spiraliser

But Ben did enjoy his burger – serious Man vs Burger!

independence Day burger

Man vs burger

Two homemade beef and turkey patties, with 1 1/2 baps, that’s three pieces of bread, onion rings, homemade BBQ sauce, melted cheese, cucumber slices, lettuce and red onion rings.  What more could a man want.  Oh yes, a beer to wash it down with (I just didn’t take a picture).

Man Burger!

Man Burger!

I could have thought a little more about the aesthetics of the burger photo, but unsurprisingly I was being a bit rushed…

I enjoyed my butternut squash wedges.   The spicy baked corn-on-the-cob went down well.  It was my take on BBQ corn.  A mini turkey burger, I even broke my own rule and had a slice of wholemeal granary bread.

turkey burger, sweet corn, butternut wedges

I forgot my flag 😦

And for dessert?  It had to be mini doughnuts with a homemade peanut butter dipping sauce.

Mini doughnuts with peanut butter sauce

Independence Day Dessert

Did you celebrate Independence Day?  What did you have for dinner?


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