Review: Pura Vida Raw Living Broccoli Bread

Pura Vida Living Raw Broccoli Bread

Pura Vida Living Raw Broccoli Bread

I’d heard good things about this Pura Vida Living Raw Broccoli Bread.  I haven’t been eating bread or wheat products where possible, so I was missing sandwiches and the like.  This broccoli bread is gluten, wheat and yeast free, vegan and raw, so I was looking forward to giving it a go.

The nutritional benefits are shouting from the packaging:

“sprouted buckwheat grown in biodynamic organic farms, with omega 3 rich ground linseeds and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Our bread is naturally high in protein, easy to digest and is laden with the full spectrum of nutritional components”

Containing sprouted buckwheat, pumpkin, courgette/zucchini, flaxseeds, olive oil, seasalt and water, it is higher in calories than regular bread with 326 calories per 100g.  I used to like Hovis Wheatgerm bread at 224 calories per 100g or 90 cal per slice.  There are two slices in a packet, assuming that is 85g per slice, that would be 277 calories per slice!  But what’s this…

living raw broccoli bread weight


Is it meant to be this light?? It is supposed to be a 170g pack.  What was that – the weight before it was dehydrated?! I know from experience that the weight reduces when the water is extracted (or that could just be me sampling my goodies…)  So does the nutritional information relate to this as a 170g pack, or is it per 100g – I guess as they give percentages, the information should be reliable when scaled down.
NB. I bought mine through the post, so it got a little bit smashed up, but this is all the pieces.

UPDATE: I’ve had a response from the lovely people at Pura vida who explain:

“the emphasis is on the slices. The weight completely depends on the moisture level in the bread. Each tray of bread before it goes into the dehydrator has the same weight, changing by a few grams, naturally. Sometimes the bread is softer and then heavier, sometimes dryer and then lighter. It may depend on the weather conditions – humidity in the air. All the bread is hand made so there will always be a situation of more/less.”

That’s good enough for me – I have ordered a sample of their onion bread to try next!

The taste is familiar.  Ben thought it was mustard, I think it is the raw vegetables. It’s also not what I would call ‘bread’, it is too hard to be bread, but too thick and dense to be a cracker, in the sense of ryvita, water biscuits or cheese crackers. I wasn’t sure quite what to do with it.  I tried it as a cracker with pate and salad:

Pura Vida broccoli bread and paté

Pura Vida broccoli bread and paté

But then I had a genius idea.  It was vegan pizza day over the weekend…yes, I used it as a pizza base!  YUM!!!  I would definitely buy it again for this purpose!

Mushroom Tempeh Chèvre PizzaVegan Mushroom and Tempeh Chèvre Pizza

  • 1 slice of Pura Vida Raw Living Broccoli Bread
  • 2 portions of Tempeh Chèvre – recipe coming later this week
  • 50g of vegan tomato pizza topping – or make your own
  • 100g mushrooms
  • pinch of dried oregano
  1. Start by slicing your mushrooms, put these in the oven to soften and cook down while the oven heats up.  You want it at 180C – just to heat and brown the cheese, not cook.
  2. Take your broccoli bread and cover it generously in tomato sauce.
  3. When the mushrooms have cooked down a bit – sort of ‘wilted’ – take them out of the oven and pile onto the tomato sauce.
  4. Crumble the Tempeh Chèvre over the top and sprinkle with dried oregano
  5. Put back in the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until the ‘cheese’ has started to brown.
  6. Cut diagonally into two triangles, and either serve both, or save one for lunch the next day.
Mushroom Tempeh Chèvre Pizza slice, soya beans

Mushroom Tempeh Chèvre Pizza with soya beans

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