Raw Health Fruity Buckwheat Snax – product review

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Buckwheat Snax and Blueberries

Did you see my order from Real Foods last week?  These are the Fruity Buckwheat Snax from Raw Health with a lovely side order of blueberries and walnuts.

Raw Health Fruity Buckwheat Snax

Raw Health Fruity Buckwheat Snax

I like to have a small snack before working out if I’m doing a mega-session, and I have been eating Jordan’s Almond bars, but the ingredients list is quite long!  I saw these when I was placing my Real Foods order and they sounded like the perfect little treat.  Only four ingredients – raisins, figs, buckwheat and flaxseeds they are naturally sweet, without added sugars.  The buckwheat is sprouted to boost enzymes and the snacks are are raw, not heated beyond 42C. The nutritional profile isn’t bad either. I served myself 4 portions out of the box (not all in one go!).  I’ve outlined the health benefits of buckwheat before.

Raw Health Fruity Buckwheat Snax Nutritional information

Nutritional Profile

A 25g serving of Fruity Buckwheat Snax contains 109 calories, 2.75g or protein, 13.5g carbohydrates, of which 7.5g are natural sugars, 5g of fat, of which less than 0.5g is saturated and 2.5g of fibre.
Flax seeds are highly nutritious, with them gaining almost superfood status in recent years.  They are known to be a good source of vegetarian omega-3 essential fatty acids: heart-healthy “good” fats. A tablespoon of ground flax seeds contains almost 2 grams of plant omega-3s.

As they are made from 50% fruit, they weren’t as sweet as I was expecting. I do have a bit of a ‘history’ with figs.  The first time I ever tried a fresh one I was on holiday in Italy.  It was picked fresh off the tree and the sweet nectar juice was oozing out of the bottom before I had even bit into it.  Figs were kind of ruined for me at that point – none have ever come close since.  Dried figs on the other hand – I remember enjoying Fig Rolls as a kid – fig paste wrapped in a pastry/biscuit cover (are they Fig Newtons in the US???).  On their own?  I had some gooey-soft (you know what I mean?) dried figs recently on holiday in Cyprus, but all too often dried figs in the UK are ‘tough-chewy’ rather than ‘gooey-chewy’.  I feel like a cow chewing the cud.  These figs are usually accompanied by a bitter taste, and seeds which get caught in your teeth 😦  I suspect I am reminded of that by these snacks.

I was surprised (rather than disappointed) to find these are also chewy – rather than crispy.  I guess I was expecting a cracker-snap, but what I got was a bendy-snap.  I guess this is because of the low temperature that they are dried at.

They are nutritious, and they fill a hole but I don’t think I will buy these again. They aren’t bad, it’s personal preference rather than anything being wrong.  I might try recreating them at home.  I would be inclined to bring out the sweetness with some cinnamon, or try a different dried fruit combination.  Watch this space…

What is your favourite pre-workout snack?  What do you think of Figs?


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2 thoughts on “Raw Health Fruity Buckwheat Snax – product review

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