Food is fun!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a vegan post!

I have a habit to confess – I sometimes play with my food.  This is particularly evident when I have shell on prawns.

food is fun, playing with prawns

Emily and the prawn

I put the head on my finger (sort of like a finger puppet 🙂 ) and pretend that it is  coming to ‘get’ me (and sometimes other people too).  I can’t help myself!  My family are well acquainted with this…and it’s almost expected, I’m sure they would even be DISAPPOINTED if I didn’t do it 🙂

Emily prawn montageOk, ok so I’m a child!

My lovely ‘little’ sister and her husband  were visiting us this weekend.  They’ve been married just over two weeks so we got together to watch the wedding dvd and we went to the zoo.  Thanks guys for my present.

Emily's new apron

Emily’s new apron

I also have notoriety for getting covered when I am cooking so I love my Cyprus-apron:  Thanks Princess and Snooky.

And yes, I had a prawn/langoustine thing, and I played with it a bit – Lucy did too 🙂

Prawn-sword fight

Prawn-sword fight

So where am I going with this?  I don’t know really, I’m just musing…  I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing.  When we are children we learn by touch and taste.  Small children learn by putting things in their mouths.  You make food fun by making mashed potato faces (did anyone else have them?).  I loved it!  When we grow up we lose the novelty.  Food is all too often just ‘scoffed down’ (sorry, I hate the phrase) in front of the telly without concentrating on the meal that you are eating.

When do we lose our enjoyment of the fun side of food?  I love hands on food: making bread from scratch, eating pizza with my fingers and of course shell-on prawns.  I loved to have a chicken leg or wing as a kid and ‘gnaw on the bone’.

There are some etiquette rules I do stick to though.  I like to sit up to the table to eat; even on my own at breakfast I will put my smoothie/oats/toast out on the table with a drink and make time to sit down to eat it.  We have our evening meal sat to the table, and I don’t appreciate having mobile phones etc out at the time.  I want the food I have lovingly prepared to be appreciated.  I think my attitude goes back to making an occasion of the meal and appreciating what you are eating.

Perhaps I shouldn’t admit to this but in our house, it’s ok to wipe up gravy with your finger at the end of the meal – growing up it was just an appreciation of a lovely sauce, I know other people who see it as very bad manners.

I guess manners are in the eye of the beholder, I hope I wouldn’t play with my food if I was out with people who didn’t know me, or if it was a formal occasions.

Curry face

I couldn’t help myself 🙂

What are your pet peeves? Do you have any bad foodie habits?


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