Fast Food: A quick stirfry

Last night I had a ‘late’ yoga class, and once every 4-6 weeks we have a deep relaxation session – which was last night.  The LAST thing I wanted to do then was go home and cook tea while I was feeling all tranquil and relaxed.  I knew about the deep relaxation, so I came up with a plan.  I toyed with the idea of just making a casserole style dinner, which we could pop in the oven, but as Ben wasn’t home either I need something I could pull together with minimal fuss.  Enter the stir fry.

I’m sure the stir fry isn’t new to anyone out there, you simply heat a small amount of oil, cook off your choice of meat (if using) and vegetables, then add noodles/rice etc, pour over some sauce. Done!  The trickiest part of this meal is preparing the vegetables/meat.

So, being all organised as I am, I had a few minutes to spare yesterday morning, so I decided to get the prep out of the way – great, all I would have to do is stir fry it all when I got home.  It really was that simple.  We had some dried egg noodles in the cupboards, so I stuck them in a pan on the hob and got to work chopping the vegetables.

stir fry veg with captions

chopped vegetables

6.51am – put egg noodles on to cook (follow

Cooked egg noodles

Cooked egg noodles

pack instructions)

meanwhile – chop up a selection of carrots, broccoli, red onion, mange tout, celery

6.56am – drain noodles and pop in a sealed container in the fridge with the vegetables in a separate container.

– done!

All over in 5 minutes (excluding the time it took to boil the kettle – but it was warm already from my hot water with lemon upon rising)

I did get into a really deep relaxation during yoga, and I was so tranquil I didn’t even want to put my socks and shoes back on let alone cook dinner (I did put my shoes and socks on – the weather isn’t conducive to bear feet yet!)

I have been known to set off the fire alarm when I do a stir fry, which is never a good thing when you live in a flat!  The thing is, I put the spices on to toast in the pan but while I am then manically chopping the veg the spices catch and chaos ensues.  Inevitably I am too embarrassed to go and sort it out so I have to send Ben to reset the main alarm switchboard in the communal entrance hall, and apologise on my behalf (probably goes more along the lines of “It’s ok, it’s just Emily cooking again!”)

Last night, when we got home:

Ben: “If I go and have a shower can I trust you not to set off the fire alarm”
Me: “Yes, I can cook a stir fry without setting off the fire alarm you know!”
and yes, we were ok (though I did have the fan on above the hob – you know, just in case)

All that aside, all I did when we go home was:

  • heat some coconut oil in a pan – I cooked the chicken breast on the health grill so I could go vegetarian
  • fry off the vegetables for 5 minutes, keep them moving
  • add the cooked noodles, give it a few stirs (add a splash of water if it starts to stick)
  • pour over sauce of your choice – you could use a bought sauce, but I just put a teaspoon of peanut butter, a few splashes of tamari sauce, and a splash of balsamic vinegar for the sweet/sour flavour

I love this kitchen tip from the Lakeland calendar I got at Christmas:

kitchen tips

Serve, sprinkled with the chervil that I bought at the weekend.

chicken stir fry

Ben will use chopsticks, but with a fork for backup

Do you prepare your evening meals in the morning?  What are your quick go-to meals when you are short on time?


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